slope_backdrop-fullGreat product photography in your catalog makes all the difference when it comes to increasing sales. Without the ability to touch or see your actual product, an image on your catalog’s pages is all that a customer has to base their purchasing decision on. Shouldn’t the images of the products in your catalog be doing all they can do to help sell themselves?

It goes beyond simply taking nice photos. Customers want details. They want to know all about the product they’re about to buy. Properly planning shots to depict the various aspects and angles of your products so that all the details and features are easily communicated helps your customers make informed decisions, feel confident about what they’re purchasing and creates desire for your products.

Catalog Design & Professional Photography Under One Roof

No matter what your catalog photography needs may be, we have expertise to deliver stunning photography that makes your catalog marketing efforts shine. Our in-house Chicago area studio includes a full kitchen and can be configured to accommodate any type of product, props or setting. Plus, our photography studio is in the same location as our design team. This means that we don’t have to rely on third party or contract photographers and their schedules to get your catalog finished. We can also take our show on the road to produce top quality photography on location.

We have everything we need to quickly finish your project professionally, on budget and on time, all under one roof. We handle your entire project beginning to end. Whether you just need your photos outlined and prepared for press or web, or you need an entire catalog, website or both developed, we have the talent, experience, staff and equipment to get the job done beginning to end.

Call us today to set up an appointment to come see the studio and see how we can make your products help sell themselves.