catalog-design-04-500x580Kreazon offers complete end-to-end catalog design, production and fulfillment services for clients in the Delhi area or halfway across the globe. We have the expertise, staff and facility to take a catalog project from start to finish no matter how large or small the task is. Our integrated approach to catalog design brings planning, creative art direction, product photography, database integration, e-commerce integration, printing and mailing into a single one-source solutions for our clients. Your catalog marketing efforts become a vehicle for sales that produces measurable results and strengthens the connection between your brand and your target market.

In-house services and capabilities include:

  • Catalog Design & Layout
  • Creative Concept & Art Direction
  • Product & Model Photography
  • Online Catalog & E-commerce
  • Copy Writing
  • Prepress
  • Printing, Production, Mailing & Distribution

 We Make Your Products Sell Themselves

Perception is everything. When a prospect receives your catalog, what they perceive about your catalog is what they perceive about your company, products, service, quality and credibility. Imagine this hypothetical scenario: Two catalogs from the same company were mailed on the same day to the same mailing list in the same quantity. One catalog looked dated and had old pictures with bland descriptions. The other was well designed with beautiful photography and compelling copywriting.

Which catalog would you rather purchase from? Keep in mind, of course, that they are from the exact same company. The only difference is ink on paper. But this makes all the difference as to how your products and your company is perceived.

Leverage Your Catalog Investment Wisely

It’s a simple fact that the cost of designing a catalog is often small compared to the cost of printing, mailing and distribution. Yet the smallest part of the overall investment (design) leverages the effectiveness of the return on the much larger part of the overall investment (printing & mailing). Improving the design of your catalog is the easiest and most effective way to quickly boost sales revenues and grow profits. It’s the reason the most successful catalog marketers never settle for average on the design of their catalogs. You don’t have to spend a fortune, but an incremental investment in your current catalog marketing efforts goes a long way!

Planning With The End Customer In Mind

We approach every catalog assignment from the customer’s perspective. Each catalog we develop is done so with the sole purpose of maximizing the sales of your products and services. Our methodology goes far beyond simply making a catalog that looks nice or “trendy.” We combine the right messages and imagery to properly position your company in the marketplace. The results speak for themselves in increased sales revenues and higher profits.

A higher return on your catalog marketing investment is within your reach. Contact us and we’ll show you just how much we can improve your catalog marketing efforts.